full anionic


Liquid supplement combining energetic action and a correct management of the mineral balance

FULL ANIONIC combines EMAL characteristics ensuring high palatability of the rations, as well as the hyperglycemic energy effect and prebiotic action of the rumen, with the need to support a proper mineral balance.


Correct anionization of the ration (Magnesium chloride), in the dry and transition phase, that is a crucial factor for the control of the metabolism of Calcium and the blood concentrations of Phosphorus and Magnesium.

Reduction of metabolic diseases thanks to the synergistic presence of choline and methionine, that are perfect for helping the liver functionality.

Optimization of production parameters and an earlier return to normal ovarian activity thanks to Beta carotene presence.

FULL ANIONIC works perfectly for:

  • Farms with a dedicated calving pen
  • Farms with high level of potassium in the ration
  • Farms with a high incidence of problems such as metritis or placenta retention and DAs

Packaging: IBC 1.000 kg, Barrel 220 kg, Bucket 25 kg

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