SANPA HORSE - Complete mineral and vitamin supplement for horses


Complete mineral and vitamin supplement for horses

SANPA HORSE is a complete oligomineral-vitamin supplement, studied for the specific nutritional needs of the athlete horse. It comes in the form of pellets and is characterized by a high palatability, thanks to the presence of substrates such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and different sugars. Its unique and balanced composition satisfies the needs in vitamins, trace elements and essential amino acids.

Vitamin inputs have been modulated to cover specific needs, while the sources of some trace elements (sulphates, carbonates, oxides and chelates) have been differentiated, with the aim of “exploiting” the peculiar characteristics of each of them.

Organic trace elements have the characteristic of being absorbed more efficiently than inorganic forms and, therefore, of being more effective on an organic level; in particular the chelates present (ZINPRO) are those that have the greatest number of scientific proofs with evident benefits at the immune level, on the quality of the nail, on the muscular metabolism, both during the phases of growth and recovery after training or competition and on foot and joint health.

Enzymes of natural origin (DIAZYME) guarantee an additional enzymatic contribution, composed of amylase, xylanase and glucanase (diastase activity). Several tests have shown an improvement in the degradability of starchy sources, especially of the more vitreous ones. It is important to point out that the horse, due to its physiological and metabolic characteristics, has a limited capacity to degrade starch which, if degraded or in excess, can lead to negative health consequences. This supplement helps in optimizing the digestibility of nutrients, fiber and starchy sources.

Finally, Lysine, Threonine and Methionine represent the three main essential amino acids for the horse.

Packaging: Pellet – Bag 10 kg

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